Special Conditions Show Cirrus Vision Progress

 - April 22, 2010, 11:40 AM

The FAA has approved two sets of special conditions for certification of Cirrus Aircraft’s Vision single-engine jet, an indication that the company has made efforts to pave the way for eventual FAA approval of the aircraft. According to the FAA, Cirrus applied for type certification of the Vision SF50 on Sept. 8, 2008. The special conditions cover mounting of the engine in the aft fuselage and the jet’s Fadec engine control system. “The installation of an engine with an electronic control system requires evaluation due to critical environmental effects and possible effects on or by other airplane systems,” the FAA noted, “[such as the] indirect effects of lightning, radio interference with other airplane systems, shared engine and airplane data and power sources.” The placement of the Williams International FJ33-5A engine on top of the aft fuselage outside the pilot’s line of sight, the FAA wrote, “along with the need to protect such installed engines from fires, was not envisioned in the development of Part 23 normal category regulations.” Cirrus chairman Dale Klapmeier said at the recent Sun ’n’ Fun show that Cirrus has finished ice-shape flight testing of the Vision prototype. He said Cirrus plans to start building the first conforming SF50 in the first quarter of next year and then expects to have it flying by 2012.