Mid-Continent Gets TSO for Lithium Emergency Power

 - April 28, 2010, 12:38 PM

Mid-Continent Instruments' cutting-edge lithium battery, the MD835 emergency power supply, has received TSO certification from the FAA. Lithium nanophosphate is an aviation-friendly type of lithium chemistry that does not have the characteristics of thermal runaway that legacy lithium-ion batteries have, Tom Genovese, director of sales, told AIN. “The King Air 200 will be used as the launch model but we are in the process of completing Part 23 AML STC (approved model list) approval for use with other aircraft.” According to Genovese, the technology’s advantages over standard lead-acid designs include weight, maintenance costs and life expectancy (10 years). “The MD835 is a direct replacement for older L-3 Avionics PS-835 units. It may also replace other legacy lead-acid batteries with some additional rewiring,” he said. The MD835 weighs only 4.8 pounds, eight pounds less than similar products, and retrofit is convenient and affordable because the 4.5 amp-hour battery system uses the same mating connector and mounts in a standard 1/4 ATR rack. The maintenance interval increases from one to two years.