EBACE Show Touted by Aviation Leaders

 - May 3, 2010, 9:04 AM

At the annual EBACE press reception today, European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) president and CEO Brian Humphries reported that the halls of the 10th EBACE were sold out, with 436 companies and organizations attending, up from 411 last year. He added that 65 aircraft were booked at the static park, which is also well up from last year, while attendee numbers were heading for more than 9,500, up 6 percent from a year ago. Ed Bolen, president and CEO of NBAA–which teams with EBAA to hold the European business aviation show–said, “By any standards EBACE has been an enormous success, far more than just products and marketing.” General Aviation Manufacturers Association president Pete Bunce also reflected on how the threat to EBACE posed by the volcano had passed to everyone’s enormous relief, and then went on to illustrate the show’s importance, notably in educating and communicating with politicians. He said that moving ahead with ATC modernization is the number-one theme for the industry and that it’s imperative that momentum is maintained with Sesar and NextGen, the respective European and U.S. future ATC systems.