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 - May 5, 2010, 7:13 AM

Viking Air Announces Its First Authorized Centers
Viking Air (Booth No. 983) has appointed Team JAS of Jacksonville, Florida, and Universal Avionique of Miami, Florida, as its first two factory-endorsed component centers (FECC) for the Twin Otter Series 400 and legacy de Havilland Canada aircraft.
“The implementation of the FECC program will offer our global customer base experienced repair stations that provide overhaul services of components for their de Havilland Canada aircraft,” said Viking product support manager George Gee.

The Canadian manufacturer launched the new DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 production program in 2007, and currently has
a production backlog of more than $200 million through 2014.
The company also provides OEM support for the worldwide fleet of de Havilland Canada aircraft (DHC-1 through DHC-7).

New FBO Planned at Spain’s Ciudad Real Airport
On May 4, Sporavia and Aviastec signed a 30-year lease with CR Aeropuertos for a four-acre plot at Ciudad Real Airport south of Madrid, where the companies are to build a new full-service FBO. Ciudad Real Airport has a Cat III ILS-served 13,000-foot runway and is open 18 hours a day.

The new FBO will include Sporavia and Aviastec’s EASA Part 145 maintenance facility, which has been operating for 20 years and also is an authorized continuing airworthiness management organization. FBO services and amenities will include 54,000 sq ft of hangar space, catering, cafeteria, fuel, de-icing, rental cars and limousine availability, pilot lounges, flight-planning rooms, conference rooms, rest areas, VIP lounges, customs and security, access to aircraft by private vehicles, aircraft sales and management. Aviastec has partnered with Honda Aircraft (Booth No. 7021) to develop HondaJet Southern Europe as a sales and service center for the HondaJet.

Air Support Adds Flight Planning Software Features
Denmark-based Air Support (Booth No. 842) is launching
two new functions on its PPS flight planning and CrewBriefing software. The EFB data export service can forward all the data calculated with CrewBriefing to an electronic flight bag. The flight-log data be produced in XML and/or PDF format. Surface weather, notams and wind charts also can be uploaded.

The second feature, post-flight registration service, is Web based. Right after the flight, the crew can send all the data the operator needs for its statistics and legal requirements purposes, including flight time, fuel burn and so forth. Moreover, the system produces a carbon dioxide emissions report for Europe’s new emissions trading scheme.

TAG Scents Serve Up Sweet Smell of Success
How do passengers preserve treasured memories of their favorite jet flights? For some it is the sight of low clouds racing by, and for others, a memorable meal at 41,000 feet. TAG Aviation has another idea to revive those fond memories–a group of fragrances reminiscent of flight. They are meant for clients to preserve that first experience on a TAG Aviation private jet. Presenting clients with the interior scent as they complete their journey will offer them a way to preserve the rare ambiance of private jet travel.

TAG currently plans to introduce four fragrances representing each of the four seasons. They will be available in scent form as well as candles.

Elsewhere at the TAG group, Octavio Almeida joined TAG Aviation in April as dealer manager and sales director for HondaJet aircraft sales in Northern Europe. TAG Aviation (Booth No. 651) recently signed an agreement with Honda Aircraft Co.
as the authorized HondaJet dealer for Northern Europe and part
of Switzerland.

Based in Geneva, Almeida will lead TAG Aviation’s dealership team as it introduces the innovative new HondaJet to private owners, corporations and commercial operator.