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EBACE 2010 News Clips

 - May 5, 2010, 7:18 AM

JetBrokers Seeks New Clients in Germany and Italy
JetBrokers Europe has appointed Ilaria Cicchetti to spearhead a push to acquire new clients in Germany and Italy. Cicchetti will be based at the company’s office in Berlin, where she has lived for the past seven years. “I think of myself as an Italian from Berlin and I’m looking forward to generating a strong network in this market as there is great potential,” said Cicchetti, who is fluent in German, Italian and English.

JetBrokers Europe managing director Tim Barber believes in dealing with clients in their mother tongues, and to this end the JetBrokers Web site will be updated with versions in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish in the next few days. Barber hopes to add Russian to his team’s language capabilities in the near future.
The company, whose European division is headed by Switzerland-based chairman John Merry, has reported increased activity in the pre-owned aircraft market since the beginning of this year, with more than 30 aircraft available for sale at any one time in conjunction with its U.S. parent JetBrokers Inc. Barber said, however, that “it will be a long time before there is a return to the premium pricing in certain sectors.”

Eurojet Introduces Onboard Branding for Brokers
Charter operator Eurojet (Booth No. 871) has introduced a new Brokers Blank Canvas option that allows brokers to feature their own branding for flights on items such as head rests, blankets and pillows. They can also customize the amenities provided to passengers to make the service more personal.

Eurojet, which is based in Romania, is part of the London-based Avolus group and operates four aircraft. Avolus, which also has offices in Moscow, Monaco and Dubai, provides ad hoc and block charter flights, and is involved in aircraft sales and acquisitions.

KPM To Assist LBAS Customers with Porcelain Choices
Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services and Berlin porcelain manufacturer KPM are working together to supply porcelain settings and accessories for business jet customers. KPM will provide advice on the creation of personal designs and the presentation of logos, armorial designs, monograms and signatures on porcelain products to ensure they complement the look and feel of the aircraft interior. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the two companies will offer practical information about the safe transport and storage of the porcelain products.

Jet Alliance Plans Intro of Citation CJ Series
Monaco-based Jet Alliance, a corporate jet consulting company, announced here that it plans to use its extensive international resources to source high-quality, previously owned Cessna CitationJets and refurbish them in the collaboration with Duncan Aviation (Booth No. 629), a U.S. interiors and MRO specialist.

The so-called CJ-NewGen will offer an avionics upgrade, complete OEM-level strip and paint, and a major cabin refurbishment. Each renovated CJ will arrive with warranted
paint package, as well as avionics equipment such as EGPWS, RVSM, TCAS WAAS, FMS, MFD and more. “It will sport a price tag less than half the cost of new,” said Jet Alliance managing director James Healy.

DAC International Offers Portable Wi-Fi System
DAC International (Booth No. 1251) recently deployed a portable in-flight system that allows BlackBerry Wi-Fi connectivity in aircraft equipped with Iridium or Magnastar telephone systems. FliteNet is a carry-on system that allows Wi-Fi capability without having to mount components in the aircraft and it is transferable between appropriately equipped aircraft.

While the system is currently limited to providing Wi-Fi to the BlackBerry, DAC International is developing an interface to add the same capability for the iPhone and other smartphones. That software update is expected to be ready during the third quarter. “We are excited by the potential of this new and simple approach to cabin connectivity,” said Cisco Hernandez, vice president of sales at DAC International. The price of the system is $12,995.