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SJ30 gets medevac makeover

 - May 5, 2010, 10:15 AM

Action Aviation and SJ30 manufacturer Emivest Aerospace have announced that the SJ30 light jet is now available in an air-ambulance configuration. Better known for its executive/VIP role, the medevac version of the light twinjet will be a “quick fit” option provided by medical-interiors specialist Lifeport.

The aircraft, according to Action Aviation, is unusually well suited for medical evacuation missions because the cabin pressure is maintained at sea level as the aircraft ascends to a 41,000-foot altitude. This feature assumes paramount importance as the effects of reduced air pressure on the human body may adversely affect many patients.

In addition, with its 2,500-nm range and high-speed cruise of Mach 0.83, the SJ30 can transport critically ill patients over long distances in short time.

The Lifeport interior includes a seamless floor with biocide and fungicide properties. It will also include an IV warmer, a slide-out shelf for a vital-signs monitor, a locking drug box and a suction canister. Advanced life support is provided with a MedPak, including oxygen, compressed air, vacuum and AC power. A modular MedWall will centrally locate switches and outlets for patient care. Lifting and turning of the patient during loading is minimized by using the Lifeport access ramp.
“The cost per mile of the SJ30 as an air ambulance is probably the lowest in the industry due to its low fuel burn per mile and high cruise speeds,” said Action Aviation chairman Hamish Harding.