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ACASS is all about the people

 - May 10, 2010, 12:14 PM

ACASS brings employers together with employees. The Montreal-based firm (Booth No. 357) has a global reach and a database that holds nearly 6,000 potential employees, mostly pilots, but aircraft mechanics and flight attendants as well.

These days, said president and CEO Andre Khury, a simple list of names and contact information isn’t enough. Not only does the ACASS database include official confirmation of type ratings and training, but also criminal background checks that include a cross-reference with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. The company has a worldwide network of contacts, working relationships with international civil aviation regulatory bodies and familiarity with diverse cultural, political and religious practices.

It takes a staff of some 50 individuals, from Montreal to Dallas, to keep it all together and up to date, and available by Internet to potential employers. And business is brisk enough to warrant the launch of a Dubai office in January.

“Our philosophy is based on comprehensive problem solving,” Khury said. “If we let competitive relationships get in the way of that, we limit our ability to deliver solutions for our clients.”

He also emphasized the company’s global nature. “Our experience lets us support operators of aircraft in remote places like Zaporizhia, Ukraine, Luanda and Angola, as well as Lagos in Nigeria.” And that means being mindful of everything from local holidays to cultural distinctions, “and even local superstitions.”