Cessna Eliminates Lead Times for Citation Refurbs

 - May 12, 2010, 1:08 PM

Cessna has initiated a program designed to reduce the lead time required for interior refurbishment of classic Citations. Under the RightNow Interiors program, Cessna’s Citation service centers will stock pre-selected, certified interior design materials, eliminating the typical eight- to 12-week lead time necessary to order and receive materials for interior refurbishments. “RightNow Interiors offers the customer a mere seven-day lead time to assemble all the interior components for a given interior,” Tom Heck, supervisor of sales and marketing at the Wichita Citation service center, told AIN. Heck said he can verify a given Citation’s interior configuration and begin cutting the material as soon as the customer places the order. “I have patterns for about 90 percent of all the materials we use. If you go elsewhere they’re going to need access to the aircraft to make the pattern before they can start. We eliminate that time-consuming step,” he said. The program covers five pre-selected interior designs that can be combined with any in-stock materials to create more than 2,000 custom looks. The program is available at any of the nine Cessna Citation service centers for all Citations except the Mustang.