U.S. Civil Aviation Mx Has $39 Billion Impact

 - May 19, 2010, 12:54 PM

According to a study conducted by research firm AeroStrategy, the aviation maintenance industry in the U.S. employs 274,634 people and annually “the industry’s direct and indirect impact on the U.S. economy is $39 billion.” The study is based on information culled from government data last year. AeroStrategy found that FAA-approved repair stations employ nearly 200,000 people, with 33,000 at uncertified companies and 41,397 employed in the parts manufacturing and distribution businesses. Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) “generates more than 60 percent of the industry’s economic activity, or $24.1 billion. Parts manufacturing and distribution accounts for 38 percent of the total economic activity, or $14.9 billion.” Far more maintenance is done by repair stations, with 199,913 people employed by repair stations versus 33,324 who work for airline base and line maintenance facilities. “Maintenance may be the least visible segment of the aviation industry, but this study makes it clear that in addition to helping U.S. airlines become safer and more competitive, repair stations make significant economic contributions throughout the country,” said Aeronautical Repair Station Association executive vice president Christian Klein. A state-by-state breakdown of the aviation maintenance industry’s contributions is available on the ARSA Web site.