Ship It AOG Doubles Warehouse Size

 - June 2, 2010, 11:29 AM

Spare-parts company Ship It AOG has added a 7,000-sq-ft warehouse adjacent to its existing facility in Addison, Texas, bringing the total warehouse space to 14,000 sq ft. The company opened in 2000 and “for years we doubled our growth annually. While today’s economy has slowed our growth somewhat, we do continue to grow and it has driven the need to double our facility capacity,” George Miller, president of Ship it AOG, told AIN. “We’re about doing the right thing every day so that tomorrow is an easier day for our customers.” He added, “We have a very liberal warranty program. If a customer experiences a failure beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and we recognize its life expectancy should have been longer, we internally absorb that cost so the customer doesn’t suffer. Our integrity is what makes the difference.” According to Miller, the company also stresses full disclosure on supplemental billing. “We show the customer the actual manufacturer’s tear-down report when there are unforeseen charges on the back side, rather than hide it and tack on additional revenue for ourselves.” Miller said he works aggressively with OEMs to facilitate the best quality and flat-rate prices based on the company’s volume of business.