Gulfstream Ramps Up G650 Test Fleet

 - June 22, 2010, 12:04 PM

Gulfstream’s fourth large-cabin G650–and the first production example–joined the flight-test program on June 6, just three days after the third test G650 first left the ground. As of Sunday, the four flying G650s had logged more than 85 flights and 240 hours, not quite 15 percent of the estimated 1,800 flight hours required for certification. Five G650s are slated to take part in the test campaign, and S/Ns 6004 and 6005 will be used to evaluate interior systems and RVSM equipment. Gulfstream has ramped up G650 flight testing quickly to meet the goal of FAA and EASA certification next year, followed by entry into service in 2012. Meanwhile, “Gulfstream Product Support is engaged in the engineering development and test-aircraft operations to ensure a smooth entry into service for our customers,” Gulfstream senior vice president of programs, engineering and test Pres Henne told AIN. “There are a variety of internal organizations and suppliers directly involved in the development of the G650, and their support is instrumental in the success of the program.”