AIN Survey Shows Smartphone Use Growing

 - July 15, 2010, 10:53 AM

In AIN’s first survey of smartphone use by aviators, 82 readers participated. The top three most popular platforms are RIM’s BlackBerry, with 41 respondents, followed by Apple’s iPhone at 36 and Android phones at nine. The greatest daily use of smartphones for flying jobs is e-mail (89.9 percent), checking weather (82.3 percent) Web access (54.4 percent) and flight planning and dispatching (both at 49 percent). More than 45 percent use their smartphones to read industry news, while other uses include GPS driving directions, weight-and-balance calculations, flight tracking and company flight releases. The most used aviation app was Foreflight Mobile, followed by Coradine OnTime and SkyCharts. Many respondents wrote that they use their phones for flight time logging, weather data, company dispatch, flight planning and tracking, fuel calculations and so on. Top Web sites visited by smartphone users include AirNav, FlightAware, and Duats. Asked whether users are viewing approach charts, 11.9 percent reported using Apple's iPad, 1.5 percent Amazon’s Kindle and Sony e-reader, 16.4 percent “other” and 74.6 percent “none.”