Partsbase Acquires PMA Parts Finder

 - July 28, 2010, 7:13 AM

Partsbase, an online business-to-business parts locator service for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries, has acquired PMA Parts Finder (PPF). For the past 10 years the PMA Parts Finder computer program has been locating PMA parts and their holders. The output of the program can be directed to screen view or printed lists, machine-readable data files or, in the case of PMA holders, to address labels or mail merge data documents. Data and merge export documents can be imported into other programs for creation of mass mailings or other purposes. The system is one of the most comprehensive collections of PMA parts available. PPF starts with the FAA database but it requires “extensive cleaning to be usable and is typically incomplete due to approval process delays,” the company said. PPF then supplements the FAA’s database by collecting information directly from PMA parts producers and other Internet sources. The end result is access to detailed information that, compared with the current material from the FAA alone, is more complete and searchable by part number, descriptions, aircraft, engine and PMA holder. Under Partsbase, the new combined product is being called Partsbase PMA Market Research Tool.

According to v-p of strategic development Rebecca Flick, it will improve Partsbase's current system, giving instant access to enhanced FAA PMA cross-reference data. “The PMA Parts Finder data will greatly improve Partsbase's market intelligence services. Partsbase will now be able to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated PMA data for its clients. We offer our clients a choice of five different packages-limited access, bronze, silver, gold and platinum,” Flick said. Boca Raton, Fla.-based Partsbase allows its clients to cross reference aircraft part-number information with the three cross-reference choices: FAA PMA, US MCRL (master cross-reference library) and NATO MCRL. For access, clients must have at least the silver membership, which gives them the choice of one cross reference with their membership. Members of Partsbase can upgrade their level of membership at any time. 

Flick said that previously, using  the Partsbase system required clients to purchase the software and install it on their own computer. “With the new Internet-based system it will be accessible from any computer anywhere in the world. It is currently in beta test and should be available by the end of August.”