Gulfstream, Mitsubishi, Bell Tops in AIN Support Survey

 - August 3, 2010, 12:42 PM

Readers placed Gulfstream on top in the annual AIN Product Support Survey, in both the newer and older (more than 10 years old) categories and combined newer and older aircraft. For newer business jets, Gulfstream’s large-cabin models topped the rankings at 8.31, followed by Cessna’s Citations, up more than 5 percent to 8.22. Bombardier’s Learjet support made a big leap this year to third place and its Global support jumped more than 6 percent this year, to 7.16. In fourth place this year is Gulfstream for its IAI-built jets, at 7.75, followed by Dassault Falcon in fifth at 7.68. Hawker Beechcraft’s newer jets climbed strongly to 7.66 this year, up by more than 5 percent. Mitsubishi’s MU-2 held its lead in the older turboprop category, with a small jump to 8.90. Hawker Beechcraft’s newer King Airs climbed almost 3 percent this year, to 7.61, while reader ratings for its support for older turboprops declined by more than 3 percent, to 6.82. Helicopters saw big gains this year, with Bell up front with a 13.5-percent jump to 7.91. AgustaWestland climbed more than 9 percent to 7.48, while Sikorsky edged up 3 percent to 7.09. Eurocopter’s ranking dropped this year by about 5 percent to 6.17.

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