Spectrum Aeromed, Cessna Team on Medical Mustang

 - August 11, 2010, 11:52 AM

Cessna Aircraft and Spectrum Aeromed have teamed to pre-fit a Cessna Citation Mustang for an air medical interior during manufacturing. The aircraft will leave the Cessna factory prewired for Spectrum Aeromed's air medical equipment. The collaboration will save operators a substantial amount of time compared with retrofitting an aircraft already in use. According to Scott Sarver, manager of special mission sales for Cessna, the Cessna/Spectrum collaboration on the front end of production allows operators to purchase an aircraft that is already multi-mission capable without having to wait for wiring modifications or supplemental type certification, which can take up to eight months of administrative and engineering time. Jet Budget, a Caribbean charter company based in St. Martin, will receive the first completed aircraft. The company, which currently provides corporate and pleasure charter flights, plans to begin offering medical transport services next month. The new Mustang will feature Spectrum Aeromed's modular 2200 series advanced life support system with storage provisions customized for the Mustang, a stretcher, IV pole, manual loading system and seat rail adaptor.