FAA To Techs: Tell Us about Bad Regs

 - August 25, 2010, 11:23 AM

Ever wished you could tell the FAA that some regulation is outdated or doesn’t make sense? You can, and the agency has a little-known means to do it. According to an FAA spokesman, FAR Part 11, Section 11.61 provides a system whereby technicians can suggest the agency adopt, amend or repeal a regulation or grant relief from the requirements of a current regulation. “Using a petition for rulemaking, you may ask the FAA to add a new regulation or amend or repeal a current regulation. Additionally, using a petition for exemption, you may ask the FAA to grant you relief from a current regulation,” he said. According to the FAA, the agency has reached out specifically to the aircraft maintenance community because the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) has found there’s a need to create awareness of the issues AMTs encounter every day. “During many of our educational awareness safety events around the country our FAASTeam program managers are often asked how the individual AMT makes a difference. When questioned further, we have found they are concerned about being able to understand a regulation; they want them changed so that they can understand them,” he said.