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B/E Aerospace showcases ‘value added’ cabin comforts

 - October 13, 2010, 7:55 AM

You can argue all you want about whether the recession officially ended in June 2009 as some financial pundits have declared, but as far as a recovery is concerned, B/E Aerospace (Booth No. 3327) is here at NBAA and ready for growth to resume.

The Miami-based aviation products supplier has arrived with a broad array of “value-added, weight-saving, comfort-enhanced” cabin products, from seating solutions for all types of aircraft to a lightweight vacuum lavatory system.
Among the seat selections on display is B/E’s new Zero-Gravity seat, the first passenger seat in the aerospace market to place the passenger in a true zero-g position where the knee line is elevated above the heart. “This position,” according to B/E, “is crucial for overall relief of back and bottom stress during long flights.” An added benefit is that it eliminates forward slipping that can occur in traditional seats when the seat is reclined in the lounge position.

 “The end result is a seating system that creates a truly elevated state of relaxation,” said Chuck Barresi, v-p and general manager of the B/E Aerospace Business Jet Group.

For those more inclined, there is an electric divan with in­tegrated ­airbags. When closed, the UTC Electric Divan creates a three-place seating en­vironment, and when open offers the comfort of a twin bed. Other features in­clude a low-back design allowing unobstructed views and natural window light; electric actuation to move the divan from upright seating to fully retracted twin bed; no requirement for harness towers or raising backrests for takeoff and landing; integrated airbags (currently under development); and convenient under-seat storage.

In a cabin mockup, B/E Aerospace is demonstrating an extensive choice in LED (light-emitting diode) lighting systems. Working, sleeping or dining, B/E has the LED lighting for any in-flight activity, according to Barresi.

Interactive lighting allows the passenger to program and synchronize lighting to create the proper atmosphere for all stages of flight. It can be programmed to change gradually through the appropriate spectrum from bright daylight to dusk to darkness for sleeping, and from the dim light of dawn through sunrise for waking.
The B/E Aerospace display at NBAA includes up- and downwash lighting, passenger cabin dome and reading lights, accent kick lighting, architectural lighting such as sconces and specialty lighting fixtures, and emergency and ordinance lighting. Also available for inspection is the improved vacuum toilet, already in service, which weighs 50 percent less than the typical system, uses only five ounces of water per flush and solves leading removal causes, including fouled solenoids, troublesome Teflon coatings and faulty mechanical switches.

In the category of safety, B/E is showing its Pulse Portable–PulseOx system and the Sweep-On full-face crew mask. The Pulse oxygen delivery system is a marked change from conventional oxygen systems with pulse dispersion that uses a reduced canister size and simplified mask design. The result, according to B/E, is enhanced reliability, much longer product life, easier maintenance and reduced overall aircraft weight.

If that isn’t enough at a single exhibit, consider the following:
• The Selectra gourmet three-mode chiller that “perfectly” chills wines, cheeses, fruits, salads, desserts and ice cream.
• Steam technology, which is at the heart of B/E’s DX3000 oven, and uses precise amounts of water in the cooking process to allow even cooking.
• B/E’s multifunction beverage maker–described by the company as one of those little things that make just another trip a memorable one.