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Greenpoint showcases its 747-8 completions options

 - October 13, 2010, 9:59 AM

Independent cabin completion specialist Greenpoint Technologies (Booth No. 4345) is at NBAA in a big way with Aerolift and Aeroloft elevator and loft concepts for Boeing’s new 747-8.

The Aerolift program, according to executive vice president Sloan Benson, is turning out to be a popular product option among 747-8 buyers. The ground/main deck elevator is currently in “extensive engineering development.” It consists of an automated door on the fuselage, a lift carriage with internal doors and a cabin enclosure. It will carry four persons or a wheelchair and one attendant.

From a privacy and security perspective, the enclosed carriage reduces the occupant’s exposure to the public, allowing close-quarter boarding of waiting ground transportation. It is also a practical solution to disembarking and boarding at FBOs where neither airstairs nor jetways are available.

The Kirkland, Wash.-based company claims multiple contracts in place for its new Aeroloft. The concept turns the upper fuselage section aft of the upper deck and above the main deck into useful space for a private rest area. Greenpoint is wrapping up the engineering phase and production is scheduled to start in a few months to provide support of Aeroloft installations at its own or other completion centers in late 2011.

“Being a Boeing-only completion center is a key advantage to our customers,” said Benson. “They know we have the technical experience to deliver on our promise.”
Greenpoint completed a Boeing Design Delegation Level 5 audit (the highest level) in May this year, focusing on engineering and information technology systems.
Looking forward to a steady, if slow, economic recovery and an accompanying demand for narrow- and wide-body business jets, Greenpoint is “fully engaged now and excited about the future,” said Benson.

In addition to growing interest in Aero-lift and Aeroloft, Greenpoint has a number of Boeing Business Jets in various stages of completion and additional BBJs in the pipeline. To meet demand, Greenpoint is aligning critical resources by establishing its own engineering test lab, cabinetry shop and manufacturing capabilities.