NBAA Convention News

JetNet offers aircraft info for smartphones

 - October 13, 2010, 7:36 AM

  Bizav data provider JetNet is unveiling and demonstrating a new smartphone app for accessing its Evolution database. The app provides a faster, more convenient way to access the latest aircraft intelligence, said Paul Cardarelli, JetNet director of sales and marketing, “Our business is always on the cutting edge of new information technologies, gathering and conveying information faster and more accurately and delivering it in almost every medium,” added Vincent Esposito, JetNet president. “Our ­clients expect the latest information at their fingertips, and we’re literally giving that to them.”

Much of the critical information that Evolution makes available on the desktop is accessible through the mobile app, which is available for the iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry smartphones. “As professionals rely less on computers for Web access and e-mail,” he added, “we accommodate their needs. This is the perfect fit at the perfect time for our industry.”

The app provides a screen-sized version of JetNet’s Evolution software interface, allowing users to access market trends, aircraft data and specific models for sale, charts, graphs, tables and sorted lists. Subscribers can also follow context-sensitive links to access more detailed information on owners of aircraft, maintenance and inspection details of their aircraft, and in certain cases even data points on flights made in the last 90 days.

In a new, high-technology advertising twist, Utica, N.Y.-based JetNet is promoting the service using QR codes (Quick Response digital bar codes) in ads and promotional posters during the NBAA convention. A QR code is also featured at JetNet’s booth (No. 8401). Attendees are encouraged to scan the QR code for additional content related to the app.

 “JetNet’s use of QR codes in promoting the new application is no accident,” said Cardarelli. “Like our applications, they give our clients a fast, direct link to online information. No memorizing or writing down Web addresses, just scan the code with your phone and you get instant access. It fits our mission to offer more information faster than anyone else. The codes are designed to be scanned quickly and contain much more information than other scannable codes.”