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Leather maker launches green product initiatives

 - October 13, 2010, 12:05 PM

Perrone Aerospace (Booth No. 4468) has launched its “Lifecycle Sustainability” initiative, a program that encompasses green practices throughout the leather and textiles provider’s manufacturing and refurbishing processes. Also part of the effort is “a commitment to producing leathers and materials that are environmentally and human-health-friendly.”

Leading the Fultonville, N.Y.-based firm’s initiative is a new, lightweight, fuel-saving leather seating material, Leather XT. Perrone describes the leather as weighing as much as 40 percent less than regular leather seating material. It is a top-grain leather that is permanently bonded to a lightweight, military grade ­fabric to provide material strength, durability and fire-retardant qualities.

Perrone also seeks to “reduce, reuse and recycle” to keep products in useful service and to minimize waste. The company uses pieces of useable leather in the manufacture of consumer goods such as slippers and iPhone and iPad cases.
Smaller scraps are sold in bulk to leather novelty manufacturers, that convert them into key chains and coasters.

Another facet of the green program is chromium-free leather, which is biodegradable and less harmful to natural resources. It can also be recycled safely.
Perrone is ISO14001 environmental process certified and its commitment to a “cradle-to-cradle” lifecycle includes:

• Packaging for all products using recycled goods and recycling of all incoming cardboard,
• Energy efficient lighting throughout the 90,000-sq-ft facility,
• Elimination of fluorocarbons in the manufacturing process,
• Elimination of volatile organic compounds from the emulsion process,
• Recycling of heat from manufacturing process back into the facility and the process itself. (In summer months, recycled heat is used to aid the hide-drying process, and in winter months to provide heating for the factory.)