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EMS Aspire connects jets

 - October 18, 2010, 2:28 PM

EMS Aviation (Booth No. 6829) is unveiling a new line of Iridium and Inmarsat voice and data systems. The "Aspire" family of airborne communications systems is aimed at delivering "feature-rich connectivity to owners and operators of small and medium size business jets," according to the company.

EMS's first such system, an Aspire 200 LG, will be installed on a Cessna Citation Sovereign. The Inmarsat system offers voice and data connections through one channel of SwiftBroadband (SB200) service. With a high-gain antenna, the system also supports automatic switching to Swift 64. Depending on the antenna/transceiver options selected, the system will facilitate data transfer rates of 2.4 kbps to 432 kbps.

Standard wiring on the Aspire system will support either Iridium or Inmarsat components, allowing changes and upgrades to the system without rewiring. For OEMs it affords the opportunity to wire an aircraft before having to commit to a specific system.

Aspire features a first of its kind (for business jets) corded and wireless color touchscreen handsets, which are based on the Android smartphone opererating system and can be used to make calls and check e-mail. The handsets can also be upgraded to enable integration with an aircraft's cabin management system to control the lights and entertainment system. The handset will be available next year.

Cliff Topham, EMS vice president of sales and marketing, said the system would be sold through dealers, but said the price would be "well below $100,000 and probably closer to $50,000," with Iridium-based systems being less expensive.