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Sherwin-Williams Offers JetFlex Coatings

 - October 18, 2010, 5:12 AM

Sherwin-Williams’s JetFlex interior aircraft coatings were designed to improve the appearance of commercial aircraft cabins and cockpits. The products were formulated for optimum adhesion to composite surfaces, plastic, wood or metal. JetFlex is available in a range of low-gloss and flat colors in two formulations: solvent-based polyurethane enamel and water-reducible polyurethane dispersion.

Both formulations meet the FAR/JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke and heat release, as well as Boeing material specification BMS 10-83G, Type II and III, including flammability, yellowing resistance and smoke-stain resistance requirements. No catalyst is needed for application, and the product can be quickly air or force dried. Although JetFlex coatings are stain, abrasion and scratch resistant and resistant to solvents and chemicals, they are easy to clean. The formulations are free of isocyanate, chrome and lead and contain low amounts of volatile organic compounds.

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