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CMC acquires SmartDeck

 - October 19, 2010, 5:03 PM

Esterline CMC Electronics (Booth No. 4963) has acquired an exclusive technology license for the L-3 Communications SmartDeck integrated avionics system, CMC president Greg Yeldon announced yesterday. Terms of the agreement between L-3 Communications (Booth No. 4308) and CMC, signed earlier this month, were not disclosed. Yeldon said that the right to further develop, manufacture and sell the Part 23 SmartDeck glass cockpit technology, which has flown in a Cirrus SR22 and was originally slated for the cockpit of the Cirrus Vision Jet, is of “strategic importance” to his Montreal-based company. He called it “uniquely synergistic with our business plan,” saying the acquisition will reduce development costs and time to market for programs on CMC’s marketing menu. “This low-cost cockpit solution opens new markets for us and provides a platform for our existing enhanced vision, EFB and other products.” Yeldon added, “We plan to build on the current SmartDeck technologies using our experience in Part 23 and Part 25 cockpit certification to grow SmartDeck into various adaptable solutions for all types of aircraft.” The agreement also grants CMC other non-exclusive rights to certain SmartDeck components and applications. SmartDeck is a TSO’d and STC’d integrated avionics system that can include synthetic vision, moving map, weather and terrain awareness features. “This acquisition will above all increase CMC’s flexibility to meet our customers’ needs and give us broad applications across various markets,” for both OEM and retrofit opportunities, Yeldon added. He said the licensing agreement came after CMC responded to reports that L-3 was willing to make the SmartDeck technology available.<o:p></o:p>