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Green BBJ3 Fattens Greenpoint's Bottom Line

 - October 19, 2010, 3:28 PM

Greenpoint Technologies (Booth No. 4345) is experiencing a business bump in completion and refurbishment, with the latest addition to the work schedule a green BBJ3 for an unidentified Middle East client.

It is the Kirkland, Wash.-based completion center's second contract for a full green interior completion this year. Already in-house are multiple BBJ executive completion and refurbishment programs and according to executive v-p Sloan Benson, Greenpoint is speaking with a number of 747-8 head-of-state clients about its new Aerolift and Aeroloft cabin modifications.

Aerolift is an elevator designed to transport passengers between the ground and the aircraft. Aeroloft is a program to convert part of the upper fuselage aft of the distinctive 747 "hump" to a variety of uses, from passenger sleeping berths to a children's recreation space.

The latest BBJ3 is expected to roll into Greenpoint's hangars next year and is scheduled for delivery in 2012. The interior and décor is being developed in-house, with Greenpoint's design studio providing 3-D modeling assistance.