NBAA Convention News

JSSI adds three engine programs

 - October 19, 2010, 8:56 AM

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) is adding three membership programs to further support its customers, the company announced at the NBAA Convention on Monday. The company is introducing a Platinum engine maintenance program for large-cabin aircraft, an unscheduled engine maintenance program and an option for supplemental lift coverage. Under the new programs, customers will accrue costs on a per hour, per cycle or per year cycle and will be covered for any maintenance required. “What we’ve found is that the customer would rather accrue maintenance costs over the life of the aircraft instead of being surprised by unscheduled maintenance,” said Bryan Moss, JSSI’s newly appointed board of advisors chair. The Platinum program covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and removal, replacement and shipping costs. The program covers the Rolls-Royce BR710, Tay 611-8 and -8C, and the AE3007A1E as well as the GE CF34-1A, -3A, -3A1, -3A2 3B and -10E7 engines. “The Platinum program covers on-wing labor and any troubleshooting, labor logistics and freight required for the maintenance work,” JSSI president Louis Seno said. Clients using the unscheduled maintenance program will receive 100-percent coverage with one payment per year. Supplemental Lift The supplemental lift program is designed to help operators using aircraft with the Rolls-Royce BR710 and Tay 611-8C engines. According to the company, there is a limited pool of replacements for these engine types, so it is offering a program that gets the clients back in the air with a replacement aircraft. “Loaners could be a problem to get a hold of for those engines,” Moss said. “Sometimes it’s difficult to get shop slots aligned with an engine, and there’s a potential chance there won’t be an engine available, so we looked at supplemental lift to get the customer from Point A to Point B.” JSSI also announced several membership benefits it has recently added. These include partnerships with Duncan Aviation, Carey Limousine, Avfuel and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “Carey Limousine actually trains its drivers how to navigate the ramp, and that the baggage door on the Gulfstream is on the left side of the aircraft,” Seno said, speaking to the care and the reasoning for selecting the company for its services. JSSI clients get a 15-percent discount with Carey. They also receive special discounts with Avfuel and Duncan Aviation.