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FlightSafety offers level 7 FTDs to helo operators

 - October 20, 2010, 1:27 PM

FlightSafety International (Booth No. 1227) is offering a variety of level-7-approved flight-training device solutions for operators of small turbine helicopters. According to the company, these devices provide virtually all the training benefits of a full-motion simulator, include a vibrating base, and are a cost-effective alternative for in-aircraft training.

FlightSafety offers two basic types of training in the level-7 FTDs: type-specific training and mission-specific or scenario-based training, during which an operator’s unique missions are simulated. These include EMS, off-shore, electronic news gathering, law enforcement and paramilitary operations. The company also touts level-7’s value for training for inadvertent encounter with instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), instrument refresher training and night vision goggle instruction. The FTDs are fully NVG-compatible and offer Part 135 operators the opportunity to meet initial and recurrent training and checks with minimal in-aircraft time.

The level-7 devices are equipped with FlightSafety’s Vital X Visual System, which provides 220-degree by 100-degree (60 degrees down and 40 degrees up) wraparound visual capability and highly detailed and textured scenes that are realistic in all phases of flight and optimized for low level training operations. Detailed scenes that can be created by the system include freeway crash scenes, hospital landing pads, oil platforms (including dynamic sea states) and a highly detailed model of Manhattan.

FlightSafety is expanding its surviving inadvertent IMC training to help helicopter operators avoid, prepare for or recover from inadvertent flight into IMC. The training program is non-aircraft specific, customizable and can be conducted in any of the company’s full-motion simulators or FTDs.