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Oviv launches remote-control Sentinel 100L

 - October 20, 2010, 1:00 PM

Oviv Security Technologies is launching a remote-control option for the Sentinel 100L security system for guarding aircraft on the ground. The new remote control unit has a user interface with a large touchscreen display, providing fast and easy access to all the Sentinel 100L’s functions.

With the remote control, Sentinel can be operated just about anywhere in the world via the best-available communication option, be it GSM, Internet-based GPRS or Bluetooth. The remote control also provides an integrated checklist for easy reference.

Via a password-protected barrier, users can manage the system’s operating profiles and set up any number of personnel to receive security messages. They can choose between seeing video on demand of the protected aircraft or receive only intrusion notifications. The system can provide time-stamped intrusion reports and videos.

“The rise in insurance premiums coupled with an ever-increasing number of security threats means that aircraft security on the ground is of paramount importance,” said Bruno Combe, CEO of France-based Oviv (Booth No. 8730). “Our systems are designed to secure and monitor aircraft in any situation and contribute to meet FAA, EASA and NBAA recommendations for business jet security.”

Oviv claims that Sentinel is the only security system to protect aircraft from multiple threats, including damage on the ramp, tampering, vandalism or stolen fuel. The system has been designed to guard a perimeter area around the entire aircraft using a radar beacon fitted to the aircraft (the Sentinel 100E version, which looks like a miniature robot) or placed on the ramp in a ruggedized suitcase. The units are lightweight and only take a couple of minutes to set up.