Jet Aviation Offers Mobile Maintenance in Northeast U.S.

 - November 24, 2010, 9:23 AM

Jet Aviation has launched its Jet Response mobile maintenance service program, which dedicates two maintenance truck teams in the Northeast U.S. that can be dispatched from locations in the Boston/Bedford and Teterboro areas when a client calls 1-877-Jet Help. “The trucks are outfitted with work benches, general tools and consumable supplies such as oil, hydraulic fluid, oxygen and nitrogen. Both trucks have rear lift gates for loading large components and they are ready to roll–so our dispatch time is quick,” David Smith, Jet Aviation’s director of maintenance, told AIN. The trucks also have electronic data access to Jet Aviation and OEM servers, making up-to-date maintenance information available on location. “Basically, we have enough space to carry whatever might be needed for any AOG event, including inspections up to a 12-month check on a Gulfstream.” Smith said from a practical perspective the service is limited to about 150 man-hours. “Beyond that it makes more sense to have the work done at one of our locations, but we’ll do whatever a customer wishes.” The company will also dispatch technicians anywhere in the world. The techs are equipped and trained to work on corporate aircraft ranging from Citations up to the Gulfstream V and G550.