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Harrods adds de-icing; signs up for S-76 mods

 - December 6, 2010, 10:45 PM

Here in the Dubai sunshine it is easy to forget the extent to which snow and ice can delay and disrupt aircraft operations, especially in the world of business aviation where schedules can be tight yet priority at snowbound airfields is low. With another bleak winter forecast for Europe, UK-based Harrods Aviation (Stand C250) has taken steps to minimize the effects of winter weather on its customers' operations from its London Luton base by providing an exclusive, dedicated service.

Harrods has selected specialists Glistening Jets to provide and operate a de-icing rig at its Luton facility. The GBP250,000 ($394,000) rig can handle all sizes of aircraft that use the Harrods Aviation FBO facility, and will be available 24 hours a day. Additionally, Glistening Jets will provide a snow-clearing service to keep the Harrods apron and taxiways clear. The new services combine to free Harrods customers from reliance on outside service providers that routinely prioritize commercial airline movements ahead of VIP/business operations.

As well as its ground-handling, hangar and operations-support services at Luton and London Stansted, Harrods Aviation also has a wide range of maintenance and engineering capability at both locations, plus an engine shop at Farnborough. The Stansted facility additionally provides for rotary-wing support.