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The Wyvern Standard extends to Europe

 - December 6, 2010, 10:30 PM

Safety audit specialist Wyvern has joined forces with Aviation Quality Services (AQS) to introduce a common safety standard to the European business aviation market. Wyvern is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gothenburg, Sweden-based Avinode (Stand C755), the leading online charter flight marketplace. It conducts safety audits and consults on a range of safety issues, and has become a leader in the field of providing safety information to corporate flight and travel departments, charter brokers and fractional ownership operators. In the U.S. in particular the Wyvern Standard has become a well-established indicator of safety and quality, and is a prerequisite for many corporations when it comes to chartering aircraft.

Entering into a partnership with AQS allows Wyvern to develop in the European market, where corporate safety requirements are becoming ever more stringent. AQS is part of the Lufthansa Group, and was the first IATA-accredited audit organization. Its primary focus has hitherto been on airlines, and it has audited more than 200 carriers to date. This work is conducted from primary locations at Frankfurt, Dubai, Johannesburg and, shortly, Hong Kong. With its audit experience and expertise AQS was a natural partner to bring the Wyvern Standard to Europe in the business aviation field.