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Access Announces Agreement with Minsk Airport

 - December 8, 2010, 1:00 AM

Access Flight Support, a Dubai-based ground handling and flight support services provider, announced an agreement with Minsk International Airport in Belarus at MEBA.

"We will be exclusive partners with the airport, and we will be the only handler and fuel supplier for private aircraft," said Ayman Sweidan, Access's chief operating officer. "In the next couple of weeks we will start the operation there."

Access (Stand C118) handles support for both private and commercial operators, and specializes in support services for flights in Russia and the other CIS nations. "Ninety percent of our clients are from that part of the world," Sweidan said. "So that is our focus, but also we are also strong in the Middle East and Africa, especially with [obtaining] permits for short notice flights."

Sweidan believes third-party support companies are essential for private jet travelers, especially those flying to destinations off the beaten path.

"In many locations, if you don't have a supervisor, you're going to get slow, non-standard service," he said. "You need someone to push all those people on the ground to provide quick, hassle-free services."

Access is well positioned to provide such services, Sweidan said. "We have contracts with civil aviation authorities and fuel providers around the world. We are agents to many private jet operators in addition to a few commercial charter airlines in Dubai and a few European location