Snecma To Provide Full CFM56-5B Support for ACJs

 - December 8, 2010, 9:58 AM

Snecma and Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) have entered into an agreement for Snecma to support the CFM International CFM56-5B turbofans that power the Airbus Corporate Jetliner series. Snecma builds the CFM56 in a 50/50 joint venture with General Electric, while ACJC is responsible for the outfitting and support of Airbus executive aircraft. Snecma has recently launched its EngineLife brand, under which it provides engine MRO services to operators. The agreement will provide engine condition monitoring, shop visits, foreign object damage protection, LRU pool access and repair and spare engine availability. “The partnership is designed to answer ACJ operator demands by proposing a dedicated team and support services based on a flight-hour rate to allow better planning for engine maintenance costs,” said Philippe Petitcolin, CEO of Snecma.


As a matter of fact because of my intrest, I work on CFM engines in my final project to get M.S degree of Mechatronics course in Tehran Science & Research
University and I need some mechanical design data of CFM56-7B or CFM56-5A,B,C engine for progressing to main important step in my project.

I don't access to these engines and I wonder if you help me with that and I could have at least first 5 cases bringing below.

data like:
1. LP Shaft Moment of Inertia
2. HP Shaft Moment of Inertia
3. Minimum and Maximum allowable Acceleretion of Them(Fan and
Core shaft)
4. Number of combustion chamber(C.C)(=2?)
5. Volume, Entrance area and lengh of the each combustion chamber
6. Engine transient mode information such as Fuel injection in
different mood like idle,take off,cruise,climbing and etc and its max
7. Operating frequency or sampling period time
8. Maximum allowable ps3
9. Elements efficiency
10. some Motor tests
11. Some Eficiencies and Pressure ratio
Totally SIS.

so to develope next important purposes in MS final project I'd realy
appreciate you for your favour and helping me.

Thank you so much and
Best Regards
Majid Aghasharifian E

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