MEBAA Convention News

Winslow LifeRaft Seeks Regional Repair Partner

 - December 8, 2010 (All day)

Winslow LifeRaft Company of Lake Suzy, Florida (Stand C524), has come to MEBA with one primary mission, said George Byer, the company's vice president sales, "We need to locate a repair and overhaul facility in the Middle East" that can repair and service the company's life rafts. Byer added, "A large number of aircraft in the region have our life rafts," and the rafts must be periodically inspected and serviced to ensure they are ready for deployment in an emergency.

Ideally, Winslow wants to locate a Part 145, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) approved facility in Abu Dhabi that has or would hire an individual who already has experience with emergency inflation systems and inflatable repairs. "We can't teach them inflatable technology," Byer said.

Winslow, which has been displaying its life rafts at trade shows in Dubai since the 2005 Dubai Air Show, also wants to use its time at MEBA to meet operators and aircraft owners from the region who have their life rafts on board. Byer will talk to customers about operation and use the emergency equipment. Additionally, an inflated life raft will be on display at the company's stand, and the company has CDs to distribute that demonstrate deployment of the rafts.