CRS Jet Spares Shows Sales Up for Last Quarter

 - December 15, 2010, 10:43 AM

“We are grateful to announce that, for the first time since the international economic downturn, we are reporting sales are up for our company for a consecutive four-month period,” said Armando Leighton, Jr., CEO and founder of CRS Jet Spares. Jack Caloras, v-p of sales/operations, noted that the parts business is a microcosm of the industry as a whole. “The aftermarket support directly correlates to the general business aviation economic situation. The parts business is an integral part of business aviation and, as such, flight hours, scheduled maintenance and sales transactions have a marked effect on us. It would appear that conditions in the aviation sector are improving,” he told AIN. Caloras said that while the business aviation community would no doubt like to view such positive results as sustainable, such optimism might be “a bit premature. For more than two years the industry has experienced a direct correlation to the negativity of both the world and U.S. [economies] so whether or not this will be sustainable remains to be seen. Regardless, in this economy, anomaly or not, it is an achievement we are proud of and indicative of the tenacity of our company,” he said.