Air Services Completes Extensive Embraer Recovery

 - January 5, 2011, 11:19 AM

Air Services’ mobile recovery team recovered an Embraer 145 after it slid off a runway in Canada. “The work scope of this recovery was one of the largest our organization has taken on,” Stephen Maiden, president of Air Services, told AIN. A 10-person team spent 80 days in Ottawa performing replacement work on the nose section, belly skin, landing gear, flight controls and avionics, as well as substantial wiring repairs and replacements. After completing the recovery the aircraft spent a week at the Air Services facility in Cleveland, where the nose section was repainted and the aircraft was returned to service. “This was one of the most extensive and complicated recoveries our mobile team has completed,” Maiden said. After the preliminary feedback from the engineering team was received it was determined that the entire nose section just forward of the passenger door needed to be replaced, including the belly skin back to the leading edges. “The experience our team has with complete nose replacements proved to be a key asset in successfully completing this recovery. The aircraft has since flown close to 150 hours with no issues,” said David Williams, Air Services’ operations manager.