FAA OKs Falcon 7X Enhanced Vision System

 - February 15, 2011, 9:30 AM

Dassault Falcon received FAA operational certification for the Falcon 7X’s enhanced vision system (EVS) late last week. The real-time head-up display (HUD) of terrain and airport environment–which increases pilot situational awareness in low-visibility situations such as in fog, haze, snow or at night–was approved by the EASA in July. The display incorporates LCD HUD technology and offers a video presentation with a two-mode setting that optimizes the video for either an approach configuration to enhance approach and runway lights, or a general-purpose configuration. According to Dassault, the EVS also takes advantage of “special IR video processing” that minimizes visual artifacts and distortion. “Incorporating technology that enhances safety and situational awareness is a prime goal in the continuing development of all our programs,” said Dassault Falcon president and CEO John Rosanvallon. In addition to enhanced situational awareness, the Falcon 7X EVS system provides operational credit toward reduced minimums in low-visibility landing conditions, from the published IFR minimums down to a minimum of 100 feet above the threshold elevation. This provides Category II-equivalent minimums, even for Category I and nonprecision instrument approaches. A one-day ground and simulator pilot training course is required for operators using EVS.