AviIT’s eMan Offers Unlimited Data Access

 - March 16, 2011, 10:45 AM

 Electronic manual eMan, a browser-based interface that allows users to access only the current version of any hosted content, is ideal for maintenance and flight ops, Vince Doherty, v-p of AviIT, told AIN. Doherty said all content is completely version controlled so users can’t inadvertently access an out-of-date document. “The controls over the system improve safety and compliance,” he said. “All information is user name and password protected and all user behavior is recorded and available for audit.” eMan Web is the web-based version in which a client’s documents are outsourced to the eMan team, eliminating the need for a company to invest in the personnel and hardware resources necessary to run a stand-alone system in-house. There is also a client-hosted version simply called eMan that requires local infrastructure and is managed completely by the client. With both systems the client has complete document version control. eMan Web starts at about $950 a month based on the number of users and amount of content. Clients interested in the stand-alone eMan should contact the eMan solutions team for pricing.