Gulfstream Support Soars Higher with In-flight Center

 - March 22, 2011, 10:15 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace recently expanded its product support organization with the opening of an In-Flight Support Center, the centerpiece of which is three FlightSafety International-built flight-deck simulators that can mirror what is happening in flight. The tools available in the center will help Gulfstream’s technical operations department–which runs a 24/7 call center with more than 40 technical and system specialists–troubleshoot in-flight situations faster. The three cubicle-sized simulators in the In-Flight Support Center feature 10 to 12 LCD touch-screen monitors with displays of the aircraft’s cockpit, instrument panel and pedestal. They offer the tactile experience of a much larger full-motion simulator, including warning indicator sounds and flight displays that change as inputs are made. Currently, Gulfstream has one graphic simulator for PlaneView-equipped jets (the G450, G550 and G650); one for classic aircraft, to support the GIV and GV; and one for midsize Gulfstreams, to support the G100, G150 and G200. With these simulators, “we can replicate or closely recreate what the pilot sees and experiences for virtually every aircraft system,” said technical operations manager David Snively. “This can result in much faster troubleshooting time.” In addition to the simulators, the center also features a projector, a 9.5-foot projection screen and two 46-inch high-definition monitors equipped with fleet-tracking software.