Cessna Establishes Citation Service in Prague

 - April 13, 2011, 10:15 AM

Prague Ruzyne International Airport is the site of Cessna Aircraft’s newest Citation service center. Co-located with the Bell Helicopter service facility, it is certified by the EASA, staffed by Cessna personnel and occupies more than 32,000 sq ft of shop space. “The Prague facility is currently performing line and unscheduled maintenance, including warranty work. We are continuing to increase the capabilities to expand to base maintenance,” Stan Younger, Cessna’s v-p of service facilities, told AIN. Cessna is also assembling its second mobile service unit (MSU) for deployment in central Europe to complement the Prague Citation Service Center. The first Citation MSU, owned by Cessna’s Paris Citation service center, was recently positioned in Lyon, France, and covers the south of France, Switzerland, northern Italy and northern Spain. According to Younger, the MSU is a heavy-duty truck equipped with tooling to perform unplanned and light planned maintenance, including a hoist for engine changes. “The MSU has a full complement of avionics diagnostic equipment on board and is currently staffed with technicians through the Paris facility,” he said.