Vector Aerospace OK’d for Arriel 2 Tests

 - April 20, 2011, 10:15 AM

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-North America has received approval from Turbomeca to add Arriel 2 full test capability to its engine repair and overhaul service. “We are excited to introduce Vector’s newest engine capability to the market,” said John MacDougall, senior v-p of sales and marketing. “Our years of experience supporting the Arriel 1 opened the door for us.” Vector received approval from Turbomeca in 2009 to offer repair and overhaul support for the Arriel 2 series (the 2B, 2B1, 2C, 2C1, 2C2, 2S1 and 2S2). “At that point we established a repair and overhaul line while continuing to certify and correlate our engine test cell to accommodate full test procedures,” he said. MacDougall emphasizes that the primary motivator for entering the Arriel 2 market was Vector’s awareness of a growing market requirement for additional repair and overhaul support. “The Arriel 2 engine is a great product that will be relevant to the industry for many years, and Vector is working diligently to ensure we are a key player in the Arriel 2 repair and overhaul market,” he said.