Gulfstream Adds Aircraft to Airborne Product Support

 - April 27, 2011, 10:00 AM

Gulfstream has expanded its airborne product support program, with a second G100 and three additional pilots and two technicians to support AOG customers. Gulfstream introduced its airborne aircraft maintenance and support program in May 2002 and makes dedicated aircraft available 24/7 to deliver flight-essential parts or technicians to customers whose aircraft are under warranty in North America and the Caribbean. Since the start of the program Gulfstream has completed nearly 2,650 missions, including 350 outside the continental U.S. A Gulfstream spokesman told AIN, “With a single aircraft it’s possible that it might not always be available. We have maintenance on it, on any given day it may be out on a call and occasionally it’s used for our own internal corporate transportation needs. Adding the second aircraft gives us better coverage.” In addition to the two aircraft Gulfstream has four flight crews, a full-time manager and nine technicians who are capable of everything from tire replacement to an engine change or major structural repair.