Turbomeca Engine Will Power Kamov Medium-twin Helo

 - April 28, 2011, 10:40 AM

Russian Helicopters and engine manufacturer Turbomeca announced this week that they have signed “contracts” for the supply of “at least” 308 Ardiden 3G turboshafts to be installed on the “updated” Kamov Ka-62 medium-twin helicopter. This announcement follows the “protocol of intentions” signed in February last year and some back-and-forth considerations since for other engine suppliers. This time, the firmed-up decision seems to kick start the long-awaited program. Certification is now pegged for 2014. The 14,300-pound-mtow Ka-62 will feature a shrouded tail rotor and an anti-icing system. In addition, the Fadec-controlled engines will provide “exceptionally low” fuel consumption. The Ka-62’s payload can consist of 12 to 14 passengers in the cabin or 5,500 pounds on the hook. Cruise speed stands at 146 knots and range at 415 nm. Russian Helicopters says the new rotorcraft is designed foroffshore oil operations, search-and-rescue missions and corporate transportation.