EBACE Convention News

Sentinel 100L stands guard 24/7

 - May 15, 2011, 10:20 PM

Oviv Security Technologies is demonstrating an enhanced version of its Sentinel 100L aircraft security system here at the EBACE show, with displays both inside (Stand 1859) and on the static display. The French company launched the Sentinel 100L in 2008 as a ruggedized, self-contained system secured to the landing gear that requires no retrofit or modification of the aircraft.

The Sentinel 100L uses a combination of high-frequency motion detection and four high-resolution CMOS cameras to provide a surveillance perimeter with 360-degree coverage. The system can be quickly deployed by pilots or ground handlers, and within minutes can notify the pilot or other designated person of an intrusion of the security perimeter. It can deliver real-time video images of an intrusion on a remote-control smart phone.

The remote-control option, accessed via GSM, Internet-based GPRS or Bluetooth, was introduced last year. The new unit has a user interface with a large touchscreen display, providing access to all Sentinel 100L functions.

Through password-protected access, users can manage the system’s operating profiles and set up personnel to receive security messages. They can choose between seeing video-on-demand of the protected aircraft or receive-only intrusion notifications. The system can provide time-stamped intrusion reports and videos.

Oviv claims that the Sentinel is the only security system to protect aircraft from multiple threats, including damage on the ramp, tampering, vandalism or stolen fuel. All events are logged on the system’s on-board computer, available for later retrieval and review.

“Aircraft security on the ground is everyone’s challenge and responsibility,” said Oviv CEO Bruno Combe. “Given the variety of threats to aircraft as demonstrated by recurring incidents, we wanted to make sure that all business jet owners and operators, airports and handling departments had a comprehensive system at their disposal to complement their existing infrastructure.”

The Sentinel 100L has been approved by Dassault Aviation and is an option for the entire range of Dassault Falcon jets.