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EBACE 2011: Honeywell’s HTF7500 Engine for Embraer’s Legacy 450/500 Series of Executive Jets Reaches Testing Milestone

 - May 16, 2011, 3:10 AM

Honeywell’s new HTF7500E engine has reached a flight-test milestone of 20 flights and more than 140 test hours on the OEM’s B757 flying test bed. The energy-efficient engine will power Embraer’s new Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 series aircraft, and test flights will start on the jets during the second half of 2011.

According to Honeywell (Stand 7044), the new combustor technology on the HTF7500 will reduce nitrous oxide (NOx) levels by 25 percent, a level well below International Civil Aviation Organization limits. NOx is a major greenhouse gas and air pollutant. Considered over a 100-year period, it has 298 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

The HTF7500E has a 34.2-inch fan and a bypass ratio of 4.2, and is configured with four axial compressor stages, a single centrifugal compressor, an effusion-cooled combustor, a two-stage high-pressure turbine, and a three-stage low-pressure turbine driving a high-efficiency fan. Initially slated to certify this year, the engine is now due for certification in 2012.

Standing Ovation for CMS

Honeywell also has announced that it is already shipping its upgraded Ovation Select cabin management system (CMS) hardware to Embraer for installation on the Legacy 450 and 500 jets. On display at Embraer’s booth and due for certification in July this year, Ovation features an intuitive interface that works with BlackBerry, Windows and Apple products, as well as Blu-ray. An updated feature is JetMap HD, a 3-D, high-definition, moving-map application, which allows passengers to view their flight path from up to 18 different perspectives, including the cockpit, passenger window and surround view of the aircraft.

 “The second-generation Ovation Select digital cabin system delivers unprecedented connectivity,” said Rob Wilson, Honeywell’s president for business and general aviation. Moreover it is scalable to satisfy the growing bandwidth demands of tomorrow’s high-tech communication devices.”

The modular lightweight CMS offers surround-sound audio and high-definition (1080 pixels) video throughout the cabin.  Passengers can control their environment via icon-based touch-screen interfaces on the full size monitor, drink-rail mounted personal control units, or with a wireless, handheld remote.

Ovation is built on 100 percent digital architecture and an Ethernet backbone, which enhances self-diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. Honeywell developed Ovation Select along with partners Rosen Aviation for the widescreen HD monitor, and Alto Aviation for the high-end audio technology on board.