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EBACE 2011: Absolute Taste Caters to the TAG Group and Expands In-Flight Catering to Geneva

 - May 18, 2011, 8:42 AM

The breathtaking artworks by Picasso, Chagall and other masters gracing the TAG Group’s chalet (Stand 7020) are garnering lots of attention among EBACE attendees. But that’s not the only display of fine taste admired by guests at the pavilion–so is the food prepared by London-based caterer Absolute Taste.

The catering company was started in 1997 by chef Lyndy Redding and Ron Dennis, chairman and CEO of the McClaren Group, to provide catering for the McClaren Group’s racing team. With the founders’ passion for fresh ingredients, stylish presentation and bespoke service, the company soon became exclusive caterer for the TAG Group, and has grown from its initial staff of two to 300.

“We call ourselves cousins,” Redding said of the relationship the company enjoys with the McClaren and TAG Groups. “It’s like working with family.”

Today Absolute Taste operates a restaurant and cafés, caters grand events worldwide, and handles all catering for the TAG Group at EBACE as well as the Farnborough, Paris and Dubai airshows. But business aviation users can also enjoy the company’s tasteful services though its aircraft catering division, Absolute Taste Inflight. Available at seven London airports and other select locations, menus range from fine dining featuring some of the world’s rarest wines to the lighter fare of its Squairmeals service, designed for smaller aircraft where standards are high but space for food preparation is limited.

The company also offers training for cabin crews in in-flight food presentation, etiquette, food safety and menu planning. If you came to EBACE on a business aircraft, you can try their air fare for yourself. Absolute Taste established a catering facility in Geneva last November.

“We’ve assembled a great local Swiss and French staff and a great kitchen ten minutes from the airport,” Redding said. “We can provide catering for anyone going home on a flight from here.”