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EBACE 2011: ExecuJet Germany Wins Shell Gold Fuelling Award

 - May 18, 2011, 10:00 AM

British fuel supplier Shell Aviation (Stand 1343) has awarded ExecuJet Germany’s Berlin Schönefeld Airport FBO its Gold Fuelling Award. The award acknowledges health, safety, security and environmental performance. ExecuJet Aviation Group (Stand 242) won the tender to operate the general aviation terminal at the airport in January 2010. There are about 1,000 movements a month at the facility.

ExecuJet’s Zurich facility also celebrated its 10th anniversary in March. Back in 2001 the company managed just 15 aircraft, some of which are still on its fleet today. Revenues are still strong for the Zurich-headquartered group.

Other aspects of the company’s business are also flourishing. Worldwide ExecuJet’s fuel sales have increased 65 percent over the last year, a substantial leap when compared to 2008/9.

ExecuJet has also launched an in-flight magazine, due to go live in September, which it will place in its chain of FBOs and on board its managed aircraft.