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EBACE 2011: Keitas Systems Offer Smart Maintenance Software

 - May 18, 2011, 6:15 AM

Keitas Systems (Stand 1026), a start-up company based in Gex, France, not far from Geneva, is here introducing its Tempeus software program, designed to give exhaustive maintenance information to pilots via a simple Internet-connected laptop computer. Keitas Systems’ founders, sisters Lahou and Fatou Keita, began working on the program six months ago so it would be ready for EBACE.

For AOG (aircraft on the ground) issues, the system can start by finding the closest service station available for the aircraft type. It gives a possible cause of the problem and suggests corrective action, providing such details as part numbers and serial numbers.

Once the program finds a service station, it gives the crew an estimated downtime, calculated based on downtime averages measured at various service stations, CEO Lahou Keita told AIN. Tempeus uses OEM data provided by the customer, who is also the aircraft operator.

The pilot can contact his or her base through the program. The base then can confirm it has sent the work order to the service station. Also available is a mean-time-between-failure figure for every piece of equipment aboard the aircraft.

The Keitas’ philosophy is to allow operators to “regain some control over unpredictable mishaps.” They said such software did not exist on the market before Tempeus. The program is available for any aircraft and costs  30,000 ($42,000) per aircraft–“the equivalent of one day of AOG,” Lahou Keita pointed out.

Her company would be happy to enroll its first aircraft here at EBACE 2011 and to hire its first employees.