Phenom 100 Damaged in Runway Departure

 - May 31, 2011, 8:05 AM

For at least the sixth time in more than a year, an Embraer Phenom 100 has experienced possible brake issues on landing. This latest instance occurred last Wednesday afternoon when a JetSuite-operated Phenom carrying three passengers and two crew left the runway while landing at Sedona (Ariz.) Airport, which is located on top of a mesa, at the conclusion of a charter flight from San Jose, Calif. According to Mac McCall, the airport’s general manager, the pilot could not slow the light twinjet and it continued past the end of the 5,130-foot runway, through the barrier fence and about 300 yards down the side of the mesa before it came to a halt amid juniper bushes and small trees. The five occupants were able to exit the airplane and walk back up to the top of the mesa. One passenger and the first officer suffered serious injuries, and the Phenom was substantially damaged, said NTSB aviation accident investigator Joshua Cawthra. While some of the previous Phenom incidents involved the crews reporting “BRK Fail” CAS messages and the aircraft suffering tire blowouts, Cawthra told AIN that the flight crew at no time reported a loss of braking action, and the tires had no blowouts or flat spots. However, the investigators are examining the nearly 3,500-foot-long skid marks on the runway. Last year, Embraer issued a series of service bulletins regarding the replacement of a shuttle valve in the aircraft’s braking system. A JetSuite spokesperson confirmed to AIN that its entire fleet had undergone the modification.