SyberJet is New Name for SJ30 Program

 - June 16, 2011, 8:20 AM

The new owners of the SJ30 light jet program are renaming their company “SyberJet Aircraft,” shuttering the former owner’s Martinsburg, W.Va., assembly line and moving most of the aircraft’s production tooling to Cedar City, Utah. The program will continue to be headquartered at its facility in San Antonio and provide service and support to the four SJ30s currently flying there; however, the company has scaled back its real-estate footprint in San Antonio. The main 130,000-sq-ft hangar was recently taken over by the Mexican-owned NovaShare Group, currently a provider of Cirrus Aircraft flight training. SyberJet is currently renting a section of the hangar. The SJ30 program’s assets were purchased out of bankruptcy from Emivest Aerospace earlier this year by MT LLC, a company affiliated with Metalcraft Technologies, a Cedar City-based SJ30 airframe component supplier. Veteran SJ30 executive Mark Fairchild is remaining with the program as SyberJet’s San Antonio general manager. In a statement issued June 15, Fairchild said, “SyberJet has a solid operating plan to deliver SJ30s to the world marketplace,” but he did not offer any further details. The four- to five-passenger SJ30 light jet was designed by Ed Swearingen in the mid-1980s and received FAA certification in October 2005.