Price Induction To Certify DGen 380 Mini-turbofan

 - June 23, 2011, 7:10 AM

Price Induction is about to embark on European certification of its DGen 380 general aviation turbofan, the Tarnos, the France-based turbine-engine manufacturer said this week at the Paris Air Show. An example of the engine, claimed to be the smallest such turbofan available, is on exhibit at the airshow, which runs through Sunday. The company recently set up wholly owned subsidiaries in Atlanta and São José dos Campos, Brazil, to develop and market the 575-pound-thrust DGen 380 and the 700-pound-thrust DGen 390. The company said it is “highly likely” that the U.S. subsidiary will be given responsibility for producing a specific engine in the U.S. Price Induction admits the market for general aviation products decreased substantially over the past few years due to economic turmoil, but confirmed it is talking to several aircraft manufacturers about possible applications for the DGen 380/390. “There is real hope an order will be placed soon,” the French company told AIN in Paris. The Model 380 began endurance tests last year.